MIRADOR is a not-for-profit organisation under the law of 1901, created in July 2012, to which the headquarters are in Thiefosse and the offices are in Epinal, in the Vosges.

MIRADOR has two aims:

  1. To enable participants to develop a more objective understanding of global crises and conflicts, in order to act as informed persons.
  2. To rely on this new understanding of global crises and conflicts so that participants can develop know-how and soft skills, including management and conflict resolution. This is in order to respond to situations of conflict in a constructive and adequate manner.

All the activities of the organisationaim to develop empathy among participants, through the use of fun participatory tools.

MIRADOR sees the ability to understand one another as the key to the resolution of many conflicts, which owe their existence and maintenance to the “ignorance” of one another, oneself and our representations. The organisation can equally be involved in terms of prevention, during a situation of conflict, or for strengthening the resolution.

The idea of creating the not-for-profit organisation MIRADOR came from the meeting of two students, Morganne Hirsch (director of MIRADOR) and Moritz Suter (president of MIRADOR) during their Master in History, option International Relations, in Lebanon, during a Political Science lecture.

The lecture, given by a lecturer of the American University of Santa Clara, aimed to develop the participants’ knowledge in the field of international relations, by first focusing on the question of empathy.

It was principally based on participating in a simulatedpeace crisis, via role playing,in the Middle East. The students were divided into groups of 3 and played key actors of the region, such as Iran, Irak, the United Nations, etc. Israel was also part of the actors but did not find any takers among the Lebanese students. The only group of students who remained without an actor had no other choice but to take on this country. In actual fact, the students of this group were affirmed partisans of Hezbollah, the Shi'a political party-cum-militia in Lebanon, founded in 1982 following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. This party is fundamentally anti-Israeli.

The simulated crisis lasted one week. At the end, a significant debriefing was completed. The students who played the role of Israel concluded in the following manner: “We will never endorse what Israel did, but we have understood why this country reacted the way it did.”

Having these students take this step back was the spark for Morganne and Moritz. Through their studies (a degree in Journalism for one and in History for the other) and their future professional aspirations (Journalist for one and History teacher for the other), they aimed to offer to as many people as possible efficient methods for understanding the world, enabling each individual to become the citizen that they aspire to. Given the proven effectiveness of the active learning process, they decided to create a structure that would allow the creation and diffusion of fun, participatory, educational and educational tools that place the person as actor. After having studied the different possible structures (company, cooperation, etc.), the not-for-profit organisation structure seemed the most appropriate and interesting.

Thereafter, the project had to make itself known in order to mobilize people sharing the same values in the field of education, learning, and peace as well as create a competent team of multiple and varied skills.


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