To promote a positive climate in schools of Lorraine, MIRADOR offers to high schools to implement training to management and conflict resolution for students.

Through the realization of theatrical conferences within these institutions on a conflict in the world, students develop both their knowledge of the world and the media and their empathy.

Through an original method of analysis of crises and conflicts, they learn to objectively analyze a conflict taking into account the vision of all those involved. They share their new knowledge in their establishment by conducting "a theatrical conference." In the first part, they depict and assume the role of different actors involved in the conflict. Then they invite and encourage their schoolmates, their families and the entire education community to question the conflict. They are supported in their responses by a recognized expert in the matter.

Back in class, they look at conflict situations they may encounter in the establishment and / or their families with the analysis method used for global conflict. They learn to put themselves in the place of the Other, to understand its vision and to find effective and lasting resolution solutions.


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