Participants practicing Systema © MIRADOR
Participants practicing Systema © MIRADOR

For its “Europe of peace: construct a method of management and resolution of crises” project, MIRADOR receives help from the European Commission (PEJA), from the General Council of the Vosges, General Council of the Meurthe and Moselle, from the Regional Council of Lorraine, from the town hall of Thiefosse, from the town hall of Remiremont and from the UNESCO club of Metz.

A very big thank you for their generosity.

Europe of peace: 20 young people from 4 different countries (Germany (5), Armenia (5), Azerbaijan (5), France (5)) aged 18 to 30 years old, meet in the heart of Alsace-Lorraine to create a conflict resolution method together.

For 6 days, the youth dissect what a “conflict” is through fun, original and educational activities.

The morning is reserved for the work of defining, analyzing and the experimentation of “conflicts”. Time will be dedicated to the exchange of experience, actions and tools of each person.

The afternoon will be reserved for practical work linked to self-control and self-knowledge, in particular concerning the management and expression of emotions and violence. To do this the participants will practice “Systema”, a martial art based on the principals of “physical and psychological relaxation and…that aims at resolving conflicts without physical combat”.


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