The fourth workshop for Louis Lapicque high school students took place on February 05 from 10:00 to 12:00. The participants were able to reflect together on building a project to improve interpersonal relationships in the school. They thought of organizing a conference by bringing in Charles Pépin. To reflect together on the organization of this event, they were able to experiment with the hat method of Edward de Bono (psychologist, doctor and cognitive scientist of the 20th century). This person created a method for developing a project following a specific thinking logic. Each person takes a hat in turn and expresses something following the hat's way of thinking.
The green hat: it's creativity, everyone gives all their ideas;
The yellow hat: it is optimism, everyone judges positively and optimistically the ideas put forward;
The black hat: it’s pessimism, everyone talks about the dangers, the risks, the disadvantages vis-à-vis ideas;
The white hat: it’s neutrality, people must put forward only facts about the organization of the project;
The red hat: these are the emotions, everyone says what they feel about the project without justifying themselves;
The blue hat: he’s the conductor, he’s the one who enforces the thinking logic of Bono’s method.
This technique makes it possible to reflect on a problem posed in a different way.


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