Since 2016, the Spinalian association MIRADOR has been working within the Georges Clémenceau school in Epinal to train students of 6th volunteers in non-violent conflict management: they are called Peace Ambassadors. During 4 sessions, the association gives them tools to manage conflicts without violence and then they have to go and restore their knowledge in their class.

The first session of this “Ambassadors for Peace” project took place on Thursday, November 28. During 2 hours, the pupils were able to discover what a conflict is, how it arises and what are the elements which intensify it or on the contrary calm it.

Tuesday, December 10, for the second training session of the Ambassadors of Peace in Clémenceau, the students transformed into astronauts for the Apollo 13 mission, they were able to discover:

    causes of conflicts
    And a tool to solve them.

Tuesday, December 17, for the third training session for Peace Ambassadors in Clémenceau: The 2 hours were turned towards emotions by learning what it is, what it is for and how to manage it.

On Tuesday January 7, MIRADOR intervened for the last training session of the Ambassadors of Peace in Clémenceau. During the first part of the session, the 6th graders were asked to remember all the knowledge they have acquired since the first session. During the second part, they prepared presentations to train the students of their respective classes in the management of conflicts without violence. 7 different 6th grade classes were represented by two student volunteers, who worked together to make their presentation: 4 groups of 2 students used flipcharts, 3 groups of 2 students used PowerPoint.


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