Happy by Cédric C., CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Flickr
Happy by Cédric C., CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Flickr

It has now been one year since MIRADOR came to be. One year that has helped to transform an idea into reality.

This idea that you know, is to promote among young people, the development of empathy: the capacity to understand one another, by putting oneself in the other’s shoes.

Empathy is the key to the resolution of many conflicts which owe their existence and maintenance to the “ignorance” of one another and their representations.

For this reason, work based on empathy must go hand in hand with a firm grasp of Humanity and its History.

MIRADOR today is:

-A website: www.project-mirador.org

-A cyber-simulator that can perform simulations of crises and conflicts, from anywhere in the world

-10 simulations of crises based on varied topics (water, food, economic crisis, migration, etc.)

-10 hours of training that accompanies all the simulations of crises that are performed within a school environment.

MIRADOR tomorrow is:

-A cyber-observatory which can be used to read, analyse and exchange on past and present crises in the world. This observatory will provide, for free, documents that present “the vision”, often different, of protagonists involved in the situation of conflict. Through this “way of thinking”, MIRADOR would like to offer to everybody, but particularly to 11 to 25 year-olds, keys to the understanding of one another. The tools can be used to deconstruct the harmful representations – that often lead to prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, violence and hatred.

Using this tool, MIRADOR encourages a “way of thinking” that encourages tolerance, openness, comprehension and acceptation of differences.

MIRADOR’s future is:

-A training centre for the resolution of crises and conflicts aimed at companies and public institutions.


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