My name is Maëllys DUTECH, I am 14 years old and I am doing my third year internship for the MIRADOR association.

But what can I do at MIRADOR? Just so many things.

First and foremost, but not only, I came here to discover the world of work, I was looking for a lively, attractive internship where I wouldn't be bored.  I wanted to know more about communication, management, finance, in fact I think I wanted to discover everything. So I desperately looked for an internship that would suit me because I didn't want to do it in a bakery or a pharmacy. And thanks to my family I found out about this association and thanks to its website I knew right away that this and nowhere else is where I wanted to do it. Indeed, I immediately liked the way in which they helped people finding tools to solve the conflicts they encountered in their daily lives.

But what was I able to do during this internship?

The main objective of my internship, which we have called "mission", was to organize a full graduation ceremony for peace ambassadors. I was immediately delighted and excited by this "mission" and it was a challenge. So I contacted caterer, graphic designer, printer and artists. The most complicated thing for me was to have to find a guest to congratulate our ambassadors, because before inviting him you first have to find an idea and it was not a simple matter. I hope I have succeeded in my mission.

In addition to this wonderful mission, throughout the week I had "meetings" with each person in the association with whom I was able to discuss what they were doing in particular and I was also able to participate in a training of peace ambassadors.

I greatly appreciate the MIRADOR association because it is alive, funny and we are never unwelcome. Everything is done in perpetual trust.  This internship taught me a lot and I don't regret it at all, that's exactly what I was looking for and I'm more than happy to have found it.


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