My name is Lucie Méline and I am 18 years old. I have just got a high school diploma at Louis Lapicque High School in Epinal and I am doing a nine-month civic service at MIRADOR. A brief summary of what's driving me now? Projects, encouterings and dances.

Let's go back two years ago. When I was in my High School, I heard about "the civic service". It first intrigued me, then after some researches and discussions, it totally seduced me! The rest seemed to me obvious: I was going to do a civic service between the end of high school and the beginning of my higher studies. The idea being to put my studies aside to think about it and even more, I needed concrete. Feel useful. Experimenting the world of work to come out with a more concrete vision of the theoretical elements that will be brought to me by the university. I would like to study the sciences of education. Sociology, philosophy, history and psychology around the theme of education and training. Exciting ! At the end of these studies, I would like to work in a professional reintegration structure. With which beneficiary? The experience of my civic service mission and all those of the coming years will probably bring me the answer. Or maybe I will practice in a totally different field, the civic service is also a way for me to open myself to meet a maximum of persons and professionals.

And within MIRADOR, what are my missions? My main mission is to coordinate the creation of a website called "Together". It will connect people from different cultures through outings around centers of interest and common passions. Why did this project conquered me immediately? Thanks to this website, immigrants and french people can meet around what they like to do. We share a meal, we play football, chess, we go to see a concert. We do things we love. Together. The versatility that this project requires is very interesting and confirms my desire to work in contact with others. I am also working on another project: the preparation and animation of workshops around conflict management and conflict resolution. This training is for students of my previous High School and they are taking place every month. This project is very important to me! I was already leading it last year, alongside Morganne Hirsch. It also pleased the region, which allowed me to win, along with twenty other young people aged 15 to 29, the trophy "Young Talents Grand Est".

In MIRADOR, I appreciate the energy, the encouragement to take initiatives, the diversity and the quality of the projects! This is the first NGO in which I invest so much and I have the feeling that it will remain a base for my commitment in the decades to come.

My name is Lucie Méline, and I am Ambassador of Peace Education at MIRADOR.


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