Crédit Photo : Pascal Bodez - Région Grand Est
Crédit Photo : Pascal Bodez - Région Grand Est

On October 4, 2017, MIRADOR presented its new digital tool to mobility players in the Greater East region during the day of "regional players in international youth mobility" at the Maison Régionale des Sports de Tomblaine.
The “Fabrique du Monde” is a co-construction space devoted to mobility, which is understood as the meeting of people with a singular history and who wish to build a common one.
This site offers everyone the tools to build national, European or international mobility projects.
It is participatory. You can comment on the tools and suggest others.
It is free. You can pick all the resources you want in accordance with the licenses associated with each tool.
It is innovative. You can generate connections between the tools to create ingenious mobility activities.
It is free. You can use it at any time without registering.
It is even more free. You can acquire your own Fabrique, the computer code is in "open source".
The tools are organized into eight thematic axes: Interculturality, preparation for departure, preparation for return, mobility programmes, highlight of skills, conflict management, group facilitation, project methodology.
The structural work was realized by Claire Zuliani, web developer since 2012, specialized in Ruby on Rails and good comrade with javascript.
The second work was directed by Gabriel Loisy, web designer, graphic designer and photographer.
The Fabrique du Monde was financed by the Greater East Region and the EYF, Youth Experimentation Fund, within the framework of the "Lorraine Platform of International Youth Mobility" project. The latter aims to coordinate the action of associations and institutions in the region wishing to engage in the development of European and international youth mobility in order to:
-Promote mobility opportunities to increase the number of beneficiaries and their diversity
-Develop the training of youth workers and relay programs to enable them to access the devices and to accompany young people in the preparation, implementation and enhancement of the mobility experience
-Facilitating the access of the most remote young people to avoid increasing inequalities


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