MIRADOR inaugurated the exhibition "Images Françaises" carried out within the framework of the project of the same name by ten inhabitants of Epinal coming from seven countries of the world, Syria, Senegal, China, Kosovo, Albania, Pakistan and Morocco.

The project first allowed the participants to develop their learning of the French language that was realized during real-life situations and in the field. They met with specialized structures in the field of employment, culture and health.

Once the learning of the French language had begun, MIRADOR's wish was to respond to Désiré Nisard, who once said that "The most accurate picture of the French spirit is the French language itself".

The exhibition "Images Françaises" is the result of two working sessions during which the participants chose a place to which they are attached to Epinal and articulate it with a word already present in the public space, or brought by them.

Since the language is everywhere in the city, in various forms, from the slogan to the information panel, permanent or ephemeral, since it constitutes the cement as well as the founding stones, it is with it that it is offered to us to take a fresh look at the city.

For some participants of this project this action is their first introduction to photography. They worked on the analysis of images and laid the foundations for a fluid handling of the photographic material.

A big thank you to Elodie Lefebvre, Toulouse artist who accompanied this artistic work and Muriel Isch, professor of French as a foreign language.

We thank all the partners who have helped us to realize this project: the state with the PRIPI, the “Region Greater East”, the “Civil Protection of the Vosges”, “ATD Fourth World”, “East Solidarity for foreigners”, the “Local Mission of Epinal”, the “Center Léo Lagrange”, “Youth and cultures”, “FACE Vosges”, the town of Epinal, the “BMI”, the ice rink, the “Cinés Palace”, “Pl'asso jeux”, the “BIJ” of Epinal, the “CIO”, “France volunteerism”, “MJC  Belle Etoile”, the “ASCPA” and the “League of education of the Vosges”.


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