The team

Morganne Hirsch

Team leader: Morganne Hirsch

Composed of jurists and mediators, the members of this division are responsible for the management of human resources, administration and logistics of the organisation. This Division is also guarantor for respecting the law and regulatory compliance of the actions carried out by MIRADOR (protection and safety).

Morgan Point

Team leader: Morgan Point

Comprised of educators, teachers and a library curator, this division is responsible for implementing teaching methods that are fun, easy to participate in and educational during actions that are accomplished by MIRADOR.

Moritz Suter
Helène de Laguiche

Team leaders: Moritz Suter and Helène de Laguiche

Comprised of historians and international relations specialists, in partnership with the Educational division, the division of Crises and Conflicts is responsible for the creation and design of tools for explaining and analyzing conflicts.

Amanda Noubel

Team leader: Amanda Noubel

Comprised of a commercial manager and an accountant, the Business and Accounting division is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the organisation and its projects.

Muriel Hirsch

Team leader: Muriel Hirsch

Comprising artists, specialists in marketing and communication and language teachers, the Communication, Marketing and Languages division is responsible for the promotion and the visibility of MIRADOR’s projects.

Student in the first year of a Master in Human and Social Sciences in Geopolitics – territorial issues and power rivalries, I am very interested in geopolitics, management of crises/conflicts as well as diplomacy. I wanted to contribute to MIRADOR by offering my theoretical knowledge in international relations and linguistics. Winner of a United Nations General Assembly simulation award, I train many students in this exercise.

Géry Dave, 21 years old

I am employed by a company who provides, designs and commercializes financial database software that is particularly used to evaluate the financial and economic feasibility of global companies. My contribution to Miradorthrough carrying out research and analyses on conflicts is a highly enriching opportunity. At present, I am participating in the creation of the Observatory, the cyber-platform for the analysis of global crises and conflicts. My first analysis concerned the creation of the state of Sudan in July 2011. In addition, through my profession as analyst and project manager in economical and IT fields, I can offer my skills for testing the quality of software. As such, I can participate in the testing of different cyber-tools for MIRADOR.

Julie Saché, 32 years old

I trained as a psychoanalyst and clinical psychologist. After having completed my studies in Italy and France, I worked in Aix-en-Provence in an association that deals with social support for people with serious mental disorders. I am currently working as a voluntary assistant in a Swiss-Armenian organisation based in Erevan, the capital of Armenia. This organization develops autonomy and critical thinking among young people, disseminates French culture in Armenia and helps refugees integrate into the Armenian society. To be able to contribute to the Mirador organisation by conducting research and analysis on conflicts allows me to cultivate my second great passion: history; and in particular the links with international relations. I am currently participating in the creation of the Observatory, the cyber-platform for the analysis of global crises and conflicts. My first analysis was about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and its issues on an international level. In addition, through my profession as psychologist, I can offer my skills in the understanding of societal and cross-cultural dynamics.

Maxence Smaniotto, 27 years old

Being specialized in project management and currently following a Master of Business Administration, I accompany MIRADOR for the past three years in its administrative, financial and marketing development. I participated in the creation of management dashboards and organizational tools and was able to bring my knowledge and professional expertise inside the business and accounting division", " marketing, languages ​​and communication division " and "human resources and legal division."

MIRADOR offers me, through its work of understanding the world, the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about the major issues of society, whether they are political, social, economic, current and past.

Pierre Gauger, 28 years old

It is thanks to my interest in geopolitics and conflict management that I turned to MIRADOR. It was a friend who told me about it and immediately I was seduced by its original way of approaching conflict situations.

By analyzing national and international crises, it allows people to develop tools to resolve their own conflicts.

Contributing to the development of the MIRADOR Observatory, a tool for understanding conflict situations in the world, I have the opportunity to link my knowledge of geopolitics and international relations with my second focus: the human. Analyzing the various crises and the actors involved in it, allows me to bring my support directly to people who are locked in disagreement and who fail to get through it.

In this, MIRADOR offers me a very rewarding experience that gives me the desire to continue on this path.

Maxime Fellmann, 27 years old

I actually discovered MIRADOR during a flight a little muscular in a lunar capsule. This, very shortly before becoming successively President of the United States, Cuban, Cubist.
I think it was these trips that made me want to deepen my relationship with this unique association and its beautiful team. I end today, with regret, a three-week internship to deepen my knowledge of MIRADOR, its tools, its methods, its extra soul. I hope I can continue, one way or another, to continue my journey in such good company.

Sebastien Lalloué, 44 years old


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