MIRADOR organises for adults training programmes for the management and resolution of conflicts and the simulations of crises.

These actions help to enrich the participants’ knowledge of a particular social and geopolitical environment, or to train them in the management and resolution of conflicts.

It is about working towards the development of communication, managing differences (culture, generation, gender), the capacity for analysing and synthesizing, the capacity to influence and anticipate.

These actions are open to companies, public institutions and to organisations.


A new team has formed in your company and you would like the members to learn how to manage and resolve a potential conflict.

You can sense tensions in one of your departments and you would like to address the issue.

Your company has just had to deal with a conflict and you would like to incite your employees to acquire techniques for managing and resolving conflicts.

Cube is a training programme for managing and resolving conflicts aimed at professionals of all fields. The objective of Cube is to assist individuals in their quest for discovering their own strategy for conflict management and resolution. According to needs, this training programme can also come with a specific module. Tailor-made training programmes can be created. Feel free to contactus for further details.

Topics include:

  • What is a conflict?
  • How is a conflict expressed?
  • Where do conflicts come from?
  • Why are there conflicts?
  • What are my reactions during a conflict?
  • What are the techniques and strategies to resolve a conflict?
Duration: To be determined with you depending on the level of training that you would like (beginners, intermediate, advanced, expert)
Approach: Participatory, active, original and fun
Techniques: Brainstorming, role play, simulations, practical case studies, debates
Number of participants: 8 persons (minimum) to 16 (maximum)
Price: To be defined depending on the duration of the training programme

The modules

MIRADOR offers several modules to assist and strengthen the Cube course. Each module is facilitated by an expert with experience in the field. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

  • Art
  • Collective sports
  • Self defence
  • Relaxation
  • Science
  • Construction

Crises simulations

You are looking for an activity that helps a team bind and stimulates the team spirit in your company.

Your company will be sending employees or volunteers abroad and you would like it that they actively understand the geopolitical and social situation of their future environment.

Your personnel will be confronted with a new environment and you would like them to be prepared, by putting themselves in the situation.

MIRADOR can create simulations of crises adapted to your needs. The objective of the simulations is to put the players in a situation whereby they can experience from within, a highly potential situation of conflict, so that they can find the solution themselves. The simulations can be performed face-to-face or via the MIRADOR crisis cyber-simulator.

Issues focussed on during the simulation: To be determined with you
Duration: From 2 hours to 1 week
Approach: Participatory, active, original and fun
Technique: Role play (paper or IT version)
Number of participants: 6 persons (minimum) to 200 (maximum)
Price: To be defined depending on the duration of the training programme and the issues covered


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