You would like to create a project based on peace or reconciliation.

MIRADOR offers personalised assistance. You will be guided through all the steps of your project: from its embryo, to getting it off the ground, to seeing it in full swing and then for its evaluation.

Issues focussed on during the assistance: Aim of the project, definition of the objectives, plan of action, finding partners, budget, and the evaluation.
Duration: To be determined with you depending on the project
Age: 16 to 99 years old
Approach: Participatory, active, original and fun
Techniques: Brainstorming, simulation, role play, case studies, mind maps, concept tree
Number of participants: 2 persons (minimum) to 15 (maximum) depending on the project
Price: To be defined depending on your needs
Title: “The Europe of Human Rights”
Project duration: 7 months
Place: Toulouse (France) and Tirgu Mures (Romania)
Organisations: Daon (France) and The Conquérants (Romania)
Financial institution: PEJA (European Commission)
Cost of the project: 6200 euros

“We, the Toulouse organisation “DAON”, 9 members (18 to 26 years old), and the informal Romanian group, 13 members (16 to 26 years old), “The Conquérants” wanted to shape our mutual commitment against discrimination. For 7 months, we put together our knowledge, skills and our know-how to create a fun, educational tool, which helps to raise awareness among young (from the age of 9 years old) citizens of Europe and elsewhere to problems that are around them: “Your Move”, a crisis simulation game.

Touched by the Arab Spring revolts and by the treatment of the European migratory question, we decided to dedicate our first role play to the question of migrants in the European Union.

“Embodying” oneself as president of the Red Cross/Red Crescent of the French Médecins sans frontiers (Doctors without Borders), or as president of the French, German or Italian Republic, or even as a journalist, etc. the players have one aim only: to assure effective protection of migrants who are fleeing Arab revolt. This role playing enables both a quick understanding of the issues concerning migrants and a fun way of learning that is essential to have of the European Union. In addition, during the simulation, players gain in responsibility due to the roles they take on.

In order to promote the game, we made a short film that depicts the daily life of a young migrant arriving from Libya. Mixing analyses from experts (CIMADE, Amnesty International) that we interviewed, and real daily situations of discrimination, the film denounces, warns then encourages the public to take part in the game “Your Move”. Presented at four major events (Toulouse festival of games, the “kinobouffe” of the DAON organisation, the week of Europe in Toulouse and “TirguMures: Simul’”), the game “Your Move”, and the film, received a warm welcome, strengthening both our commitment and our approach.”


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